Quality Garage Flooring,

Epoxy & Polyurea

Get a garage that will make your neighbors jealous.

Picture Perfect & Functional Garages

In as little as 2 days your garage floor could be protected and beautified. We are a reputable company with over 20 years experience and we will be doing garage floor coatings for years and years to come.

Watch out for competitors' warranties that promise the world. No flooring is bullet proof, we educate you on how to maintain your floor so 10 years from now your neighbour still wants to know where you got it from. We don’t skimp on layers, coverage and durability, however we are still competitive on price.

Give us a call, the longest wait time to schedule is 10 weeks out, we strive for 3-6 weeks but will work with you on almost any timeline! The garage of your dreams is a phone call away, get a free no obligation quote today.

  • AFFORDABLE - Garage Makeovers
  • QUICK - Transformations in 2-3 days
  • QUALITY - Made From Superior Materials
  • WARRANTY - Honest & Upfront
  • CERTIFIED - Authorized Installers

Multiple Durable Coating Layers

  1. Concrete Diamond Grind & Clean
  2. Cracks Filled
  3. Base Coat
  4. Chip Broadcast
  5. Top Coats with Sheen & Anti-Slip

Our Coatings Are Much Stronger Than Paint

Our unique blend of layers and Epoxy, Polyaspartic / Polyurea make your floor stronger than concrete. It's so much more than what a DIY kid or fly by night operator can provide. And that's why we warranty our work and have been in business over 20 years.

A durable garage floor coating starts with proper floor preparation, the right training and materials. Our floors are much more than paint polyaspartic or epoxy floor coatings. We are also the exclusive trained and authorized dealers for Gorgeous Garage floor coatings and concrete sealers.

Our Floors Are:

  • 50% stronger than concrete.
  • 3X more abrasion resistant (like road sand) than conventional epoxy systems.
  • Multiple Durable Layers. We use the right products without skimping.
  • Variety of color options.
  • Easy clean up. Soap and water wipes away oil, gas or other harsh chemicals.
  • Sun Fade Proof.
  • A non-slip surface.
  • 2-3 Day installation. Drive on within 72hrs, walk on within 4hrs.
  • Short wait times. Longest wait time to schedule is 8 weeks, we strive for 3-6 weeks.

Proper Floor Preparation:

We diamond grind or shot-blast the concrete floor to give it a profile that gives the coating something to attach to (an acid etch in most cases is simply not aggressive enough).

Filling cracks and pits using professional grade materials to ensure a uniform look when the job is all done.

thorough cleaning to ensure the floor is free of any dust, debris, or fluids before applying the garage floor epoxy or polyaspartic coating.

Top Updates & Convivences

There is nothing like being organized with everything in it's place. Pick and choose from the best garage makeover products that will have you asking why did we ever do it any other way before. 

Here are the most popular garage features and upgrades homeowners like you are getting:

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Wall & Ceiling Shelving
  • Slatwall Organizing Systems
  • Soft Closing Hinges
  • Bike & Storage Racks
  • Motorized Lifts & Ladders

Our Services

You’ve earned the right to a garage that is uniquely yours. We’re here to help you turn your house around and make it look like you’ve always dreamed it would.

Garage Custom Cabinets

Garage Custom Shelving

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Overhead Storage

Garage Lifts & Ladders

Garage Slatwall

Garage Bicycle Rack

Outdoor Coatings

Refreshed Garage In 3 Simple Steps

Our unique process saves you time and keeps you informed and in charge of everything, from start to finish. We guarantee a beautiful garage makeover you’ll love for years to come, and an unmatched customer experience. Here's how it works:



Together we build a design perfect for your needs and your space.



We finish your makeover in a minimal time and with good communication.



Enjoy coming and going from your adventures in your garage.

Garage Makeover Pricing

The main factor that influences the price of making over your garage is the square footage of your garage and which solutions you choose. It matters how big your garage is, if you do storage and flooring, and how many square feet you have. But no matter how big or how small your project is, we always use high-end materials to make sure your garage looks garage looks and feels like quality!

The prices below include products & installation and only serve as a starting point for reference.

Base 2-Car Garage


Includes 16ft of wall shelving with accessories.

Middle 2-Car Garage


Includes 16ft of custom cabinets with accessories.

Custom 2-Car Garage


Includes 16ft of custom cabinets with accessories and 600 Square Foot of Epoxy flooring.

Garage Makeover Gallery

We’ve put together a variety of projects and ideas so you can be inspired by different designs and styles. If you find one design that speaks to you, make sure to mention it during our phone consultation. Together we’ll fine-tune every detail until it perfectly fits your Louisianan garage and style.

Our Happy Customers Say...

We put your priorities first in every aspect of our work.

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